I didn’t get to see the episode last night (I am too poor for cable), but from what I have read in other places, it was funny and did just want South Park wanted – got them back on the front page of American pop culture.

Who had been talking about South Park up until all this happened. First you had the Chef controversy and Tom Cruise threatening after the Scientology episode. Now, you have Parker and Stone going after the Mohammed cartoon fiasco.

They managed to lampoon all the situations and everyone involved. I laughed just reading some of the transcript from Volokh Conspiracy:

At the point in the South Park episode where Mohammed is about to be shown handing a football helmet (with a salmon on top of it) to the Family Guy, the screen shows these words:

“In this shot, Mohammed hands a football helmet to Family Guy.”

The next screen shows these words:

“Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network.”

In the South Park episode, President Bush then sees the image of Mohammed supposedly broadcast on Family Guy (which Comedy Central censored us from seeing) and says,

“Hey, that wasn’t bad at all. They just showed Mohammed standing there, looking normal.”

Al Qaeda retaliates by broadcasting its own cartoon showing Americans, President Bush, and Jesus “crapping” on each other and the American flag.

“Al-Zawahri” then praises his retaliatory cartoon:

“Oh Yeah. Take THAT! We Burned you! That was way funnier than Family Guy.”

I’m sure there is enough in the episode and probably that scene to offend or anger countless Americans, but I think that is hilarious. I about lost it reading about Al-Zawahri’s “retaliatory cartoon.”

How many protest do you except to see in the streets today with South Park showing Jesus “crapping” on people and being “crapped” on? Will you see any calling for the deaths of Matt Stone and Trey Parker?

Again, difference #3,456 between fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims. I don’t really care if you make fun of Jesus – I still know He’s God. Apparently Muslims aren’t that confident.

UPDATE: It appears the black screen is no joke. Comedy Central actually refused to air Mohammed “looking normal,” while airing Jesus “crapping” everywhere. Unitentionally, Viacom showed exactly who is the real threat to our nation and our freedoms.