I’m not sure why this is, maybe it is just me, but several stories that would normally be a bigger deal to me have been pushed off of my radar. Perhaps it is the same for you – so to keep you informed of the things that you might or might not care about here is the news that no one really cares about:

Florida destroyed UCLA to win the NCAA championship – After Duke lost, I pretty much lost interest. Then, I was pulling for George Mason just so they could stick it to Billy Packer. But a championship game between Florida and UCLA? Yawn.

Amazon.com missed the game too – They sent out an email congratulating UCLA and offering championship merchandise.

Baseball season started yesterday – Who knew? I guess hardcore baseball fans were all excited, but I totally forgot about it. I don’t even know who is supposed to be good this year, besides the overpaid Yankees. The Braves will win their umpteenth straight division title and lose in the playoffs. Several teams will come out of nowhere to win their division with one winning the World Series.

Katie Couric is jumping the Today Show ship – This has been rumored forever, but I guess it is finally happening. This will just give me another reason not to watch CBS Evening News.

The Hammer resigned – Tom DeLay still maintains his innocence, but he probably realized this was the best thing for him and his party. Falling on one’s sword can be an honorable thing to do.

Fast Food makers target Blacks – Or some such nonsense from a new study. They looked at BET compared with WB and Disney Channel during the afternoon and evening hours for one week. The research showed that BET had more ads for fast food, sodas and sugary snacks. Just a few things wrong with that – BET is not a kids network, Disney is not a commerical network, it only looked at three channels, only evaluated them for one week, included prime time viewing hours that are targeted towards adult, etc.

Sesame Street under seige – This AP story makes it seem like there is a big controversy over Sesame Street releasing a video aimed at parents and children under 2. The only complaints registered are from a group called Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which, as evidenced by their name, is clearly biased against the videos from the start. It probably isn’t a great thing for small kids to be plopped in front of a TV all day, but it is not up to this Boston-based group to tell us what to do.

Mother Teresa’s simple life – This is so absurd that it has to be real. An Indian director wants to cast Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa. That’s not hot, that’s just wrong.