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There’s so much in the news today, I’ll just do a redux:

  • Fossil Fish Sheds Light on Transition
    Scientists have long known that fish evolved into the first creatures on land with four legs and backbones more than 365 million years ago, but they’ve had precious little fossil evidence to document how it happened. The new find of several specimens looks more like a land-dweller than the few other fossil fish known from the transitional period, and researchers speculate that it may have taken brief excursions out of the water.
    Comment:  We’ll see what AIG has to say about this in a week or so.

  • Several Professors Sign Document Expressing Skepticism Towards Darwinism
    Three engineering professors from the University of Michigan have added their signatures to the list, which includes nine professors from MIT, as well as others from UC Berkeley, the Center for Disease Control, and the US National Academy of the Sciences. On Wednesday, March 29, Dr. Gerald Schroeder, one of the signers of this document, gave a presentation on the questions that quantum mechanics has raised regarding the beginning of the universe…
    Comment:  More "rubes" from U. Mich and MIT?  Evolutionists should be sh*tting their pants right about now.
  • Did the ACLU Squeeze the Intelligent Design Decision out of Dover?
    A few months ago when the ACLU announced that they “generously” would only demand $1 million in attorneys fees for the Kitzmiller case, the casual observer probably thought nothing of it.
    However, once the facts are examined, as Manzari and Cooper nicely lay out, the attorneys fees collected by the ACLU are not merely the cost of losing a lawsuit, but rather look much more like a fat taxpayer funded gift to the ACLU & AUSCS.
    Comment:  We all know lawyers are about the benjamins, but $1M at taxpayer expense?  Cads.
  • Crisis Magazine Reviews American Museum of Natural History
    The semantic shuffle from ‘variation’ to ‘evolution’ nonetheless fools a lot of people….What the show really demonstrates is that Darwinism has turned into a public orthodoxy that must be defended at all costs.
    Comment:  Agree completely.
  • Wacky creationist portrayed on Sopranos
    Comment:  Check out the clip.  Definitely a caricature, and most evangelicals, even the YECs, would disagree with the "salvation and evolution are mutually exclusive" bit.