Most of what we hear about Iraq is the killings.  However, in War in Iraq – Who Is Telling the Truth?, Sharon Hughes discusses the recent Worldnet article I have Seen the Enemy, and how we never hear much of the other side of the story.  Like this quote from a "significantly rankes Iraqi officer":

Why do you people not tell our story? Why do you not say what is going on? Why do you come to our country and see what is happening, you see the schools and the hospitals and you see the markets and you eat with Sunni and Shia soldiers – everybody eats together, everybody works together –you see that Saddam is gone forever and we are free to speak and complain.

You see we are working and eating together and fighting together – Sunni and Shia – you see what we are building here, you see the votes we make as one people. Then you say to the world about a great war and horrible things and how we are all killing each other? We are not animals! We are Iraqis. Look around you! Look!

Mainly, I think this is because much of the liberal media hates Bush and wants to pin a "bad war" on him so badly that they refuse to tell the whole truth – they select the stories that make GWB, and by extension, the US, bad.  Ah, but that is not news.  Thank God for Worldnet and Fox News ;).