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and of course us is the Jews. Yes, the Zionist consipracy has expanded from the media to the Christian churches, according to Sheikh Mohammad Abu Tir.

Abu Tir, a prominent member of Hamas, told an American radio show, “Even the churches where the Americans pray are led by Jews who were converted to Christianity, but they were converted to keep controlling the Americans.”

The fact is that those who regularly attend church support Israel over the Palestinians more than the average American – 64% to 45%, according to a Gallup Poll April 6. The next day, Abu Tir sought to explain the gap: “I made a study and I know very well that all this radicalism in some parts of the Christianity, [including] the Anglicans who are being led by Bush, is because of the control of Zionists.”

At the Daily Standard, Mark Tooley shows that the contrary is actually true – those who support the Palestinians are seeking to infiltrate churches and mainline denominations are already anti-Israel.

The Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM) held at a conference Georgetown University in March which offered advice on how pro-Palestinian activists can penetrate American church groups.

According to a report on the conference from the American Jewish Congress, Palestinian activists were told to “become the Ned Flanders of your church.” They were given tips on how to “look Christian” and how to “educate” the Christians about Zionist exploitation.

They won’t have to influence most of the mainline (dying) Protestant denominations, who have been anti-Israel for a considerable period of time. Many have policies about divesting from Israeli companies.

What the PSM and other Palestinian support groups don’t understand is that the average American Christian is not likely to turn on Israel. Many evangelicals do hold to Biblical prophecy as a reason behind their support, but the Gallup poll found that Catholics actually support Israel slightly more than Protestants/Evangelicals – 64% to 63%.

The basic reason is that most Christians in America are not going to sympathize with a government that sponsors and supports suicide bombers no matter how many PSM activists invade the local Baptist church, besides we can’t disobey our Zionist masters.