Have you ever wanted to read of an issue where both liberals and conservatives are acting like morons – here’s your story.

A school superintendent pulled a controversial novel after a parent complained that she found it sexually explict and offensive to Christians.

An AP English class was asked to read “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood. Just by reading the discription of the novel, it is pretty clear that hte book is both sexually explict and offensive to Christians.

“The Handmaid’s Tale,” published in 1985 and made into a film starring Natasha Richardson, Faye Dunaway and Robert Duvall, tells the story of an environmentally blighted United States after a coup.

Civil war rages as a fundamentalist Christian regime revokes all women’s rights and presses the few who remain fertile into sexual slavery as breeders, called handmaids, for infertile couples.

The novel takes the form of a memoir written by one of the handmaids.

The novel won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for best science fiction, the Commonwealth Writers Prize, the Los Angeles Times Best Fiction Award and was short-listed for the Ritz Hemingway Prize and the Booker Prize for Fiction.

That should be fairly obvious that it is not going to portray Christians in a positive light, so I can see a parent not wanting their child to read that novel. Here is where everyone gets stupid.

The mother asked that her son be given an alternative assignment, a request which was granted. Her son and a few other students read “Brave New World” instead.

But the mother wanted more. She felt it was her duty to enusre that no student read the book. “I have a responsibility to the country and our community to speak up for the values that will strengthen our society,” she said.

No, her duty is to teach her child her values. It is not to tell a school English class what books should be allowed. She has to right to change the book assignment for her son and she did so – end of story.

But now here is where the liberal side of stupid comes in.

Chairman of the high school English department, Jacque Middleton said, the novel “is about rights being taken away. Eerily, we are feeling the same thing. Our rights and our students’ rights have been taken away.”

A student who was on the evaluation committee wrote, “The society in the novel believes that if the women could have any sort of autonomy then the women will rise up from their oppressive state. This extreme censorship is meant to scare the reader into realizing the forms of censorship that exist in our society. Attempting to ban this novel is doing exactly what the book professes to be wrong.”

You are both morons. No one has censored that book. You want to read the book, go to the library and read it. “Censorship” solved.

This whole thing of the government is not providing it for me, so it must be censorship is ridiculous. Just because the federal government does not fund your art project does not mean they are censoring it. Pay for it yourself.

Nobody’s rights have been taken away, nobody has been censored. Anyone can still go to the library and get the book. Anyone can go to Amazon and buy the book. Stop being stupid!

By the way, the censorship if over. The book has been reinstated, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief that our nation has not become a totally fascist state now that high school kids in an AP English class in Texas have the option of reading this novel in school instead of at home. Praise be the Constitution!