The question is no longer is there a double standard, but how far that double standard should stretch after Debra Lafave, the attractive 25-year-old teacher, had her latest charges of sex with a minor dropped.

Not only is there a double standard between men and women (there is, but maybe there should be), there is a double standard between attractive women and “plain” women.

For Lafave, she has been sentenced to house arrest and nothing more. She has done this at least twice in two different counties, clearly indicating a pattern. But from the beginning her looks have worked to her advantage. Her lawyer even argued that she was “too pretty to go to jail.”

Her most recent charges were dropped because a judge reject a plea deal which gave her no jail time. Instead of pursuing the case, prosecuters dropped the charges against her.

Compare that with Wendie Schweikert. She is essentially in the same position. She is a teacher being charged with having sex repeatedly with one of her male students.

Her bond is set at $100,000. Prosecutors wanted her held without bond because she was a flight risk and a danger to the community. The prosecutors are going for everything they can get against Schweikert.

She has rightly received no sympathy and no positive press. No one is arguing that she shouldn’t go to jail because of her looks.

This could be similar to the democratic revolutions that sprang up in former Soviet Union republics and nations like Lebanon, only in a negative way.

We saw numerous photos of the beautiful women in those countries expressing a desire for freedom and democracy. This, fair or not, sparked increased media coverage and started a blog firestorm with the “Babe theory” taking root. As the old 70’s cartoon saying goes, those ladies used their “powers for good” challenging corrupt governments and helping to bring freedom to their country.

Lafave and her lawyer are using and have successfully used her looks as an excuse to get her off the hook of raping teenager boys. Many people makes claims about the legal system being unfair. Here is one example that is not looked at nearly enough. Not only do rich people have an easier time of getting out of punishment, it appears so do pretty people.