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Growth So my wife and I are attending a new church, and we’ve just started up w/ our first small group.  Looks like we’ll be using Willow Creek’s workbook Growth: Training vs. Trying, part of the Pursuing Spiritual Transformation Series.  It looks really excellent, and is about the practice of the spiritual disciplines.  As part of the intro, they have a list of the Ten Core Values for Spiritual formation which are very cool.

Ten Core Values for Spiritual Formation

Spiritual transformation:

  1. is essential, not optional, for Christ-followers
  2. is a process, not an event
  3. is God’s work, but requires my participation
  4. involves those practices, experiences, and relationships that help me live intimately with Christ and walk as if he were in my place
  5. is not a compartmentalized pursuit.  God is not interested in my spiritual life; he’s interested in my life – all of it.
  6. can happen in every moment. It is not restricted to certain times or practices
  7. is not individualistic, but takes place in community and finds expression in serving others
  8. is not impeded by a person’s background, temperament, life situation, or season of life.  It is available right now to all who desire it.
  9. and the means of pursuing it, will vary from one individual to another.  Fully devoted followers are handcrafted, not mass-produced.
  10. is ultimately gauged by an increased capacity to love God and people.  Superficial or external checklists cannot measure it.