Remember the whiny, insecure kid in nursery school, the one who always pointed out how whiny everyone else was, trying to cover for his own insecurity. Chances are he grew up to be a journalist or a pollster.

This idiotic “study” finds that “whiny, insecure kids” grow up to be conservatives. That is all well and good, if well-done research proves that, but this was done with 95 kids in Berkeley.

Yes, that Berkeley. First of all, I didn’t know there were 95 conservatives in the People’s Republic of Berkeley. Second of all, if you were a conservative there would you not think “everyone was out to get [you]?”

I think the answer to this study is projection. Many times liberals are charged with being whimpy or girly. They are called soft on defense and weak on national security. What better way to flip the tables than to find “science” that proves conservatives are the whiny ones?

I am constantly amazed at how liberals see conservatives. First, we are cowboys and unalateralist who don’t listen enough to the polls. Now, we are whiny and insecure and not sure of what we want. First, Bush is an evil genius who can pull off insidious conspiracies. Then, he is an idiot chimp moron who is too stupid to hold the office.

Honestly, you liberals give us way too much credit. We are not “all things to all people.”