Over six months after the media botched their reporting on Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath, they continue to do so.

The AP was leaked (should that leaker be prosecuted?) a video of President Bush being briefed about the hurricane and the possible impact.

Unable to determine the difference between “topped” and “breached” the media continues to gin up an nonexistent story by playing the video for Mayor Ray Nagin and getting his comment about being “shocked.”

In the video you hear various government officials speaking about the dangers of a category 5 hurricane making a direct impact on New Orleans. Many speculated that the levees could be topped with such a storm surge.

By topped they mean that the waves would have been so large they would have went over the retaining walls. The levees were said to be able to withstand a category 3.

New Orleans did not get hit with a 5, the Mississippi Gulf Coast did. New Orleans endured at the most a 2, so most people assumed the levees would hold. What happened was the levees simply collapsed, which almost no one thought would happen.

In fact, the very video the AP is relying on for their story bears this out. Captain’s Quarters has links to the transcripts and finds only one mention of “breaches” on the actual day the levees broke. Here is the only quote about the levees being breached:

MAX MAYFIELD: … Louisiana can talk a little bit more about this than I can, but it looks like the Federal levies [sic] around the City of New Orleans will not have been (incomprehensible) any breaches to.

Does that sound like a “warning” or a contridiction of anything President Bush has said? The day before the breaches, the President was told “… the currrent track and the forecast we have now suggests there will be minimal flooding in the city of New Orleans itself…”

We have enough honest problems to deal with in our nation and our world for the media to spend anytime on this ridiculous, fabricated story.