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Many opponents of Intelligent Design have attacked The Discovery Institutes’ list of 500+ scientists who dissent from Darwinism.  The list was created to prove that there is significant scientific dissent to evolution, contrary to what the priests and believers of evolution keep telling us.  A week or so back, the NYT published an article entitled Few Biologists but Many Evangelicals Sign Anti-Evolution Petition, seemingly supporting the idea that the people who signed this really are doing it for religious, not scientific reasons.  However, it has now come out that the journalist misrepresented what he found:
Chang has now admitted in an interview that 75% or more of the scientists he interviewed did not fit this description. In other words, Chang and his editors selectively reported the results of their own investigation to convey the exact opposite of what they found….On a related issue, Chang did not want to tell Crowther why he only investigated the religious beliefs of the scientific critics of Darwinism and did not similarly investigate the religious (or anti-religious) beliefs of supporters of Darwinism.
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