Or at least, I’m glad my wife is not Dutch. First a politician proposed forced abortions for those deemed unqualified by the government. Now, Dutch Labour Party wants to punish educated women who stay at home.

But I am thankful to the Dutch for showing us the dangers and idiocy of allowing the government to invade every aspect of the private sector.

Sharon Dijksma, deputy chairperson of the PvdA’s (Dutch Labour) parliamentary party, told a magazine:

A highly-educated woman who chooses to stay at home and not to work – that is destruction of capital. If you receive the benefit of an expensive education at the cost of society, you should not be allowed to throw away that knowledge unpunished.

With the government controlling the entire education system and paying for citizens to go to college, they feel as if they should then be able to control what you do with your life.

Of course this suggestion is ridiculous. However, if one allows for a socialist/communistic federal government, this can be a "logical" extention of that philosophy.

The government has invested in a student, in hopes that they will becoming a productive citizen, improving society by being part of the economy.

Besides it denying basic human freedom and liberty, Dijksma’s idea ignores the significant impact that stay-at-home mothers make on society through their investment in the lives of their children.

But again, thank you Dutch politicians for allowing us to learn what not to do.