After the whole Billy Packer debacle (I would have loved to seen him when mid-majors won the first two games), I began to question the intelligence of CBS and their analysts.

After going to their website and reading from their analysts, I no longer have to question their intelligence – I know they’re morons.

Packer has already illustrated for all the world to see he lack of basketball knowledge and instead has become a shill for BCS conferences. Could somebody ask Billy what he thought about MVC-member Wichita St. destroying Big East member Seton Hall or Wisconsin-Milwaukee taking care of Big 12 team Oklahoma, or San Diego St. and Winthrop coming so close to beating a Big 10 and SEC team?

But at CBS Sportsline we can find Gregg Doyel predicting no upsets during the first day of the tournament. Out of 16 games, 4 were upsets (according to the seeds). Several top seeds struggled to dispatch the lower team. Particularly a Boston College team that Doyel said would "clobber" Pacific. (BC won, but it too two overtimes to do it.)

Then he "defends" himself by ripping a reader, talking about how his girlfriends look better and diss

Sportsline’s other college basketball columnist, Dennis Dodd, spent his space today complaining about the evacuation after a potential bomb and the lack of quality basketball games.

First of all, I’m sure it was inconvenient to be removed from the arena and then hurried back in because of a bomb scare, but it’s a whole lot better than being dead. The dog smelled something and if they had not evacuated the arena, I’m sure Dodd would be the first one to call for someone to be fired for nothing following up on a threat.

His basketball commentary wasn’t much better. Did he watch any of the games yesterday? He wrote:

Elsewhere, well, there wasn’t much basketball-wise around the country either. Not the kind of hold-your-breath stuff that freezes sports-bar patrons in mid-swig.

Um…did he miss the two overtime game between Pacific and Boston College, the overtime game between George Washington and UNC-Wilmington, Tennessee needing a basket with seconds to go to beat Winthrop, Indiana hitting a late three to hold off San Diego St. and Gonzaga eeking by Xavier. Did he not see the six games decided by 10 points or less (which does not even include the BC/Pacific game because BC won by 12 in the second OT)?

Look, I have been a sports columnist. I even won a South Carolina Press Association award and a national Baptist Press Award. I know that you always add spice to your column. In a survey of our readers, mine was the only thing about the newspaper that was in the top five of both the most liked and most hated.

I wrote with a harder tone than I spoke, in order to stir things up. But I always had to keep it in check to maintain some type of credibility. I wouldn’t say incredibly stupid things like "no upsets" or "no good basketball games" when I know my readers were watching and they know differently.

In trying to sharpen their edge, CBS Sports has shaved off nothing but credibility and thrown it out the window. They should ask the news department and Dan Rather how that goes.