Many people have no idea who to cheer for in Sunday’s game. This may be the Super Bowl with the most questions about the two teams. Seattle was the NFC’s number one seed, but they played in basically southern Alaska and no one (especially the East coast) knew anything about them. Pittsburgh was the number six seed. They had to beat the top three AFC’s seeds, including the one seed and Super Bowl favorite Colts, to reach the game.

So many of you may not know who to pull for in a game that you are only watching for the commercials. Well I am here to add more confusion for you.

Go Seahawks: While Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren is coaching his team in Super Bowl XL, his wife and daughter will not be in the stands. They will not even be in this country. Kathy Holmgren and her daughter Calla left today for a 17-day medical training mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. "As the possibility of our [Seattle] being in the game became a reality, we decided to continue with our plans," said Kathy. "The actual game makes me so nervous, so I don’t watch anyway, and we feel like this trip is important."

Go Steelers: Meet Steelers’ safety Troy Polamalu. His teammates call him the "Tasmanian Devil" because of his whirlwind style of play and violent collisions, not to mention his flowing brown locks. But off the field, Polamalu is a man grounded by his faith and devoid of the pride that all too often accompanies exceptional athletes. "I’m not trying to toot my own horn here," Polamalu said, "but it is definitely a blessing from God that he has allowed me to be very instinctual and just go out and play football." He feels his reckless style of play also relates to his faith. "God calls upon Christian football players to play with passion," said Polamalu, "just like the life you live."

My Prediction: The Seahawks are leading 21-17 late in the fourth quarter. They have played an almost flawless game until Polamalu’s hair intercepts Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck. With time running out, Polamalu runs toward the end zone. Seahawk RB Shaun Alexander trips him up at the five, but the safety’s hair reaches out for the end zone. It is ruled a touchdown on the field and after 30 minutes of booth review the call on the field stands (they couldn’t screw him again) and the Steelers win, 24-21.