Recently, one of the morning show hosts on the local talk radio station in Greenville, SC decided to post one of the infamous, “offending” cartoons on his website. For this, he and his family have already received death threats. Can we stop with the silly insinuations and out-right statements that Christian fundamentalists and Islamic fundamentalists are the same thing?

Critics may say that Christians do not like to be made fun of either. They may point to NBC’s recently cancelled The Book of Daniel and the up-roar by Christians over that show.

I happen to think that is a perfect example of my point. Christians did not like to see Jesus portrayed in an unaccurate way or to see their faith mocked. So they got upset (too much in my opinion, but regardless…). They sent letters to NBC and their local stations, asking the show be removed. Christians refused to watch the show (along with most of America). The show was cancelled and no one was hurt (except all those poor unemployed Hollywood people).

Were their riots in the street? Did a Christian set fire to an NBC station? How many peacocks were plucked? None of this happened. But what would have happened if it would have been The Book of Muhammed? Would Muslims have reacted the same way? I think we can see the answer.

Did evangelicals storm galleries over “Piss Christ?” Did Catholics burn flags and buildings over “Elephant Dung Virgin Mary?”

This should put a stop to all the uninformed talk of “all fundamentalists are the same.” You should not be able to say that with a straight face and watch the news. Muslims are rioting and killing over a political cartoon. Christians seek to confront those who mock us in civilized manner.

Have Christians done stupid things? Yes, but it is not the prevelant culture. Should Christians be proud that we don’t riot? No, you shouldn’t take any real pride in doing something you should be doing anyway. But that provides the distinction between the two (Christianity and Islam).

No one expects Christians to take to the streets and riot, but (in a form of soft racism) Muslims get a pass for their insane behavior. The standards that each are held to is drastically different and the behaviors that follow are just as distinct.

So please enough with the Christianity and Islam are all the same thing. We have seen the evidence first hand and there is no case to be made.