With The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe continuing to rake in money, you knew that Disney would go for a sequel. It looks like they will follow the traditional order of the series. Prince Caspian is set for a Christmas 2007 release.

For better or worse, the LWW team will basically be in tact. Andrew Adamson will return as producer, along with the principal cast. According to the story, a screenplay is not yet written but production is set to begin this year.

The first Narnia movie continues to cement its status as a blockbuster – ranking as Buena Vista’s top-grossing live action film internationally ($359.4 million), currently it is Buena Vista’s the third highest grossing live action film domestically ($278) and it is on pace to break both Buena Vista’s domestic and worldwide live action box office numbers. Currently it has brought in $637.8, behind Pirates of the Caribbean ($655).

Adamson will be a busy man. He is also in the beginnng phases of Shrek 3.