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While constantly covering evolution, in light of the always present debates with intelligent design, the media seems absolutely ignorant of what Darwinian evolution states.

In an article about a toad species taking over Australia, the AFP inserts this little tidbit:

The case is being seen as a classic example of Darwinian evolution — animals that are stronger, faster or smarter are able to stake out new territory and defend it against those that are weaker, slower or less astute.

That has nothing to do with Darwinian evolution. Virtually every theory on the face of the planet including creationsim and intelligent design would support this finding. Nothing about this is contrary to any claims of creationists or IDers.

A species of toad has adapted to his surroundings and over-powered other species of toads – can someone tell me how this proves toads became lizards?

See, this is why creationists and IDers get so upset at evolution’s strangle-hold on the media and the classroom. Some idiot reporter who has no idea what they are talking about claims this toad as evidence for Darwin’s theory.

The article also claims the toad is mutating, which is denied by an Australian toad expert.

James Cook University toad expert Ross Alford, however, said the cane toads were not mutant variants of toads elsewhere in Australia, rather ancestors of the faster, stronger toads normally seen at the front of an invasion, such as those that originated in North Queensland decades ago.

There are no “classic examples of Darwinian evolution” in the world today, especially not this toad. There are extrapolations from fossils and the like, but no living example of one kind of animal turning into another kind. The absence of such examples will continue to make Darwinian evolution a leap [pun intended again] of faith just like any other religion.