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In an Aljazeera article entitled Who are Hamas? the history and some of the beliefs of the organization are outlined.

While we all know that Hamas sought to destroy Israel and the Jewish people, I, for one, had no idea that they were after the Masons, the Rotary Club and the Lion’s Club.

Of course the reason behind their hatred of “the Freemasons, Lions Club, and the Rotarians as organizations” is because they are, as everything else, simply tools of the Jews.

Yes, middle age white guys who drink beer with their buddies and do a service project or two are worthy of fatwa because of their shaddy Jewish connections and their intent to take over the world on behalf of their Zionist masters, after their Friday golf game of course.

Hamas asserts those organizations, and the general “Zionist invasion” are responsible for “the drug trade and alcoholism in all its kinds.” Maybe alcoholism (is Ted Kennedy a Freemason?), but unless they have some underground greenhouses and meth labs below those brick buildings I can’t see blaming them for the drug trade.

Oh, but the Jewish power goes way beyond taking over the Rotary Club. They are also the force behind World War I, World War II, the League of Nations, the UN (don’t ask), Vanilla Ice and Vanilla Coke. Yeah its that bad.

If I didn’t have to convert, I would almost want to be Jewish – to have that much power. Jews are less than 1% of the world’s population, but someone how they control 99% of the world’s power. (Jerry Falwell controls the other 1%.)

Don’t forget, Hamas is the organization that former President Jimmy Carter praised as being “highly disciplined” and seeking a “peaceful administration.”

I’m not sure that Hamas wants to pick a fight with the Lion’s Club though. If those men ever get motivated to do anything – watch out Hamas, Israel may have to get in line.

This post is not meant to offend the vast majority of peaceful, sober and hard-working members of the Freemason’s, Lion’s Club and Rotary Club. I don’t want you guys burning pictures of me and shouting “Death to bloggers!”