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About the time Ohio’s Board of Education refused to allow science classes to "investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory," an evolutionist scientist was busying knocking down one of Darwin’s key tenets.

What has long been the position of creationists and evolution critics is now being heralded as a scientific breakthrough because an evolutionists announced it.

A team led by David Deamer, of the University of California at Santa Cruz, essentially proved that life could not have emerged from hot volcanic springs.

Several factors prohibit the springs from being the breeding grounds for life. The clay prevelant in those springs attach themselves to organic material and prevent the needed chemical reactions. Soap-like molecules were also added to the pools and they did not form the required membranes.

Deamer, being a supporter of evolution, proposed shallow, cooler pools of fresh water as the more likely source for life on Earth. I await the future study of his hypothesis. It only took someone 140 to test out Darwin’s guess.

What is telling even in this experiment is that Deamer’s team had to add all of these ingredients into these springs to test the hypothesis. That had to add the "organic material" and the "soap-like molecules." I’m sure if and when they test his theory, they will again add these materials to the cooler pools.

Who added the materials the first time?

I understand this is an experiment and those things must be present, but the more accurate experiment would be to simply allow the pool to exist and see if organic material can find its way to the pool and then see if it can create the building blocks for life, then create single-cell organisms, etc., etc.

I know most people like to avoid the origin of life question, but it must be evaluated. We cannot simply start with life and then say it evolved. Life must have started somewhere and no one has ever been able to prove that something living can come from something non-living.

Until you do that, evolution is dead in the water [pun intended].