Imagine the government had someone going through your garbage inspecting everything. Sounds like some hidden part of the Patriot Act, right? We can expect the protests any minute now. Actually, it’s part of Seattle’s recycling program, so there will be no marches on Washington.

The trash collectors come by your house and inspect your garbage. If your trash has more than 10 percent recyclable materials, then your trash will be left at the curb with a warning. If it happens again you will be fined $50.

You won’t find many of the negative points or any one opposed to the program in the fawning newspaper article.

The same people that hail this as a wonderful advance would be protesting if the Bush administration had done this. How dare they invade my privacy and rifle through my trash. Several New York Times editorials would bemoan our loss of privacy.

Most liberals would say the difference is that the Seattle program is meant for a good cause – recycling. But there is the difference between conservatives and liberals. For liberals recycling is a good cause. For conservatives national security is a good cause.

This is just one more reason to root for the Carolina Panthers this Sunday.