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Mousetrap3The evolutionists’ favorite whipping boy, Intelligent Design, is the subject of innumerable attacks in the press and on evolutionary websites.  But one of my favorite examples of evolutionary nonsense is the "rebuttal" to Michael Behe’s analogy that many biochemical systems are as irreducible as a mousetrap.  In order to disprove this analogy (and I guess, thereby disproving Behe’s theory of irreducible complexity), this "reducibly complex" mousetrap site was created. 

Now, others have done a better job of explaining how a functional mousetrap might develop, while others have answered such critiques.  Round and round we go.  You can even read an interview w/ Behe, the "Mousetrap Man."   

This example also points out that using non-living machines designed by people are not the best analogies when trying to prove that living things are designed. 

NOTE:  I updated this post after being shown how the trap is supposed to work at this stage.