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Richard Dawkins, world’s best-known evolutionist and the Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, just hosted two one hour "documentaries" on faith and science.  Perhaps revealing the true, but often hidden thoughts of evolutionists, his opinion of faith is shown very clearly in the title of the program – The Root of all Evil?  NO, he is not referring to the love of money, but to religious faith.  Not only that, the episode names are staggeringly plain and intentionally(?) offensive – (1) The God Delusion, and (2) The Virus of Faith

For those who say evolution has nothing to say about faith, perhaps you should send a letter to the most well-known evolutionary apologist this side of Stephen Jay Gould (and much less of a scientist than Gould,may he rest in peace).  Dawkins likens religious training to child abuse (I have to admit, some of the more fundamentalist faiths certainly are abusive), and is just plain over the top with his dislike for faith.  Does he speak for most evolutionists?  Probably not, but you wouldn’t know that from some of the diatribes, er, dialogues at the Panders Thumb.  But I digress.  I really need to speak nicely of those folks.

AIG has a complete review of the show, and here’s one snippet from that review, which echoes my own oft repeated problem w/ evolutionist dogma:

In an attempt to persuade us that science and faith are diametrically opposed, he asks: ‘How do we know that the earth is four-and-a-half billion years old and that it orbits the sun that nourishes it?’ Religious accounts of the origin of the world and of life, he argues, are not testable. Dawkins confuses operational science, which is capable of reproducible testing, with his version of origins science, which is not.