Recently in the Weekly Standard appeared an article by David Gelertner entitled “Bible Illiteracy in America.” He argues that regardless of where you stand on the spiritual spectrum, you have to ackknowledge that the Bible has been an influence like no other throughout history. Unfortunately, most students particularly teenagers don’t understand the influence of the Bible. Gelertner’s article is a wonderful survey of the influence of the Bible throughout history and is well worth reading.

But the larger issue remains: how do we address this issue of biblical illiteracy? The Bible Literacy Project was founded to deal with this problem. They’ve already made great strides in equipping educators to teach the Bible. But as Charles Colson points out, it’s really up to Christians to lead the way. We have the unique ability to show that the Bible is not merely great literature but has the power to change lives. It’s time for Christians to step up to the plate and be part of the solution.