Abercrombie & Fitch has pulled another set of its t-shirts after a “girl-cott.” In the past, A&F has offended Asians, Christians, and anyone concerned by nudity in a catalogue marketed toward teens. The latest controversy centers around t-shirts targeted toward teenage girls with slogans such as: “Who needs brains when you have these?,” “Blondes are adored, brunettes are ignored,” and “I make you look fat.” Despite the recent “girl-cott” and past boycotts, A&F reported a 31 percent jump in its October same-store sales.

Instead of making an individual post to trumpet this, I thought I would stick this announcement here in the extended portion. I have been selected along with two other writers to be a permanent blogger at World Mag Blog.

This should not in any way interfer with my posting here. In fact, much of the posts here recently have been a result of my research for posts at World (some have been the exact posts, some have been expansions, others have been things I did not want to post there at all).

Anyway, thanks to everyone who prayed for me and wished me well when I started the contest. It is an amazing, humbling experience to have these avenues to express my thoughts and have people read and comment on my writing.