While many on the left consistantly shout about the threats of an evangelical theocracy, the evidence for that assertion becomes less and less. The most recent blow to the idiocy is an interview Christianity Today did with Ted Haggard.

Haggard, a pastor and president of the National Association of Evangelicals, said he supported a Federal Marriage Amendment. However, he made the assertion that many Christian values should not be legislated. “There are many things that I teach in the church that I would never want integrated into civil law,” said Haggard.

His guideline for seeking to impose a Biblical standard on the entire nation is whether or not the standard can be argued and defended extra-Biblically. While being in favor of an FMA, Haggard said that sodomy laws were an area where he saw no need for Christian intervention.

He also gave a good distinction between a secular society and an atheistic one:

We are in a pluralistic society. It is a secular society, but it is not an atheistic society. An atheistic society means that you can’t use any biblical arguments at all. A secular society means that you can use biblical arguments, but you also have to have a compelling reason for the state to impose those values on people that don’t believe the Bible. You can’t just randomly say, since it’s in the Bible, then it applies to everybody. Christ doesn’t even do that.

While the Left in this country continues to demonize evangelicals and insist that we (along with the “Jewish neocons”) want to take over the country, the vast majority of Christian continue to disprove their irrational notions.