At the Christian Worldview Center’s 2005 VisionQuest conference, Nancy Pearcey, Dr. Richard Land and Dr. Tony Beam, the director of the center, opened the floor for a question and answer session. The first question was to Dr. Land concerning the 2008 Presidential elections.

His first comment was that he could save Rudy Gulliani a whole lot of time and money because, as he put it in his Texan way, “he ain’t gon win.” He said that a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-gun control candidate cannot win the Republican nomination.

He mentioned Sens. Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum (if he can win his reelection bid), and Bill Frist (who is a dark horse because he hurt his chances with his position on embryonic stem cell research) as possible nominees. He felt that right now, althought lots of things could change in three years, Sen. George Allen had the best chance of becoming the Republican nominee in 2008.

On the Democrat side, he said Hillary’s chances were 50/50. He put them that low because he said that her negative numbers among white men were the highest pollster John Zogby has ever recorded. Land said that Hillary may become the Howard Dean of 08. The Democrats would love to nominate her, but they would hate to lose to a Republican more than they love her. He said he covered the 2004 DNC and that the hearts of the people belonged to Howard Dean but they knew he would have been slaughtered in the general elections so they chose John Kerry. Land felt the same may happen to Hillary.

He gave an unrequested prediction that both major parties would nominate a black vice presidential candidate. The Democrats would nominate (no surprise) Sen. Barak Obama. While the Republicans would nominate, not Sec. of State Condi, but Ohio Sec. of State (soon to be Gov.) Ken Blackwell.

Land gave clear indications that he felt the Republicans would win in 2008. That may be partly wishful thinking on his part. But observing his personality, he came across as a person who would tell you exactly what he thought whether it was what you wanted to hear or not.

So there are his predictions. Do you agree with them?