In NBC’s new Pentagon drama, E-Ring, a group of religious fundamentalists take over another religion’s house of worship, holding those inside hostage. We have seen this countless times, especially in Muslim nations, where Islamic terrorist go into Christian churches and schools and start killing everyone they see.

However, NBC decided not to have that kind of “ripped from the headlines” show, but rather have the victims be a mosque full of Muslims and the terrorist be right-wing Christian militia.

Besides Wizbang, Bryan Preston of JunkYardBlog, guest-blogging at Michelle Malkin, has three posts on this and similar incidents.

It makes me laugh to hear people try to argue that the media (news and entertainment) is not liberal. Really? Here’s a test:

You have 60 seconds, name 15 liberal people from Hollywood?

No problem. I could name double that.

Now, in 60 seconds name 10 conservative people from Hollywood?

I’m still trying to find 10 out-spoken conservatives in Hollywood. I’m sure there are 10 closet Republicans out there, but they are closet Republican for a reason.

The media establishment is unarguably left-wing and making shows with Christian terrorists and murdering Minutemen is simply another notch on the liberal belt.

When was the last time a MSM prime time drama portrayed a Muslim as a terrorists? The only one I can think of is 24 and they caught so much grief they had to run a promo before each episode to let the public know that all Muslims aren’t terrorists. Even on 24, the Muslims are never the ultimate “bad-guy.” There is always some shady white male running the evil plots.

So in NBC’s world, Christians are the real terrorists wanting to slaughter innocent Muslims and unnarmed civilians guarding our borders are blood-thirsty murderers shooting innocent immigrants as they bravely cross the border.

The only problem with NBC’s world is that it doesn’t exist except in the mind of left-wing Hollywood, which wouldn’t be a problem if they kept it to themselves.