Dr Giles Fraser, the vicar of Putney, wrote an opinion piece for the Guardian that moved forward the debate over homosexuality within the Anglican church until he essentially equated those opposed to a gay bishop with Muslim terrorists.

Fraser takes issue with Jasper Akinola, the Archbishop of Nigeria, because Akinola is opposed Gene Robinson being an openly gay bishop. Fraser discusses the issue with dignity and class outlining why he thinks Akinola is wrong, but then he had to take it just a little bit farther to drive home his point.

According to Fraser, one of the reasons Akinola is opposed to openly gay bishops is the shift in Anglican practice has given Muslim extremists in Africa even more reason to oppose and attack Christians in the region.

The Muslims see the appointment of a gay bishop as even more proof that the Anglican church is simply another agent of the “decadent West.” The very lives of Christians are in danger in Northern Nigeria with terrorists looking for any excuse to attack and hurl demagogic attacks against non-Muslims, especially Christians.

While stating these concerns of the Archbishop of Nigeria, Fraser tries to turn a cute phrase linking Akinola with those who are coming into his churches with guns, killing parishoners.

…Akinola is playing a dangerous game of poker, trying to outbid fundamentalist Islam with fundamentalist Christianity.

I understand that those in support of gay marriage and other gay rights issues view them as being of the utmost importance and the equivalent of civil rights, but comparing a Christian leader opposing a gay bishop to Muslim murderers is beyond the pale.

Both sides of the debate should seek to establish civil discourse if want to see anything accomplished on this and other issues. Comparing those who disagree with you to killers, no matter how nicely you say it, will not help either side and will only anger people.