Marvin Olasky, over at the World Magazine Blog, continues to post quotes from people that know Harriet Miers personally.

While those are interesting quotes and could possible be useful, everyone is playing up the fact that she is an “evangelical Christian.”

“She can’t be bad, she’s one of us.” “She has a good heart.” etc.

Matt at Stones Cry Out reminds all Evangelicals of the name we would most like to forget – Jimmy Carter.

Carter, or as my dad calls him – “the only democrat I have made the mistake of voting for,” was “one of us.” He was a devout Southern Baptist from Georgia. He wasn’t part of the Washington crowd. He wasn’t a liberal democrat.

He dupped enough of the South to vote for him and bring about one of the worst presidencies in American history.

Being a “good evangelical” doesn’t mean you will make a good President or Supreme Court Justice. Having a “good heart” means you are good for Habitat for Humanity or making coffee and donuts, but it does not automatically mean you are capable of being a national leader.

Do I need to bring up the list of other prominent evangelical Southern Baptists: Al Gore, Bill Clinton and worst of all Brittney Spears.

As much as Olasky and Hugh Hewitt trust the President and his judgment, I just can’t get this headline out of my head.