Today is one of the few days that I can say with certainty I have more respect for Ted Kennedy than I do for Harry Reid.

In the usual self-important releases, Democrat Senators are lamenting President Bush’s nomination of Judge Alito.

Sen. Kennedy was at least honest in his own way. He called Alito “extreme” and out of the “mainstream.” Which translated from Boston liberalism means Kennedy opposes Alito because he is a conservative.

Sen. Reid, on the otherhand, tries to play way too many political correct cards at one time.

“This appointment ignores the values of diverse background and perspectives on the Supreme Court.” Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said, who also observed that Latinos — the biggest US minority — long have sought a Supreme Court justice of Hispanic heritage.

“For the third time he has declined to make history by nominating the first Hispanic to the court,” said Reid.

The Senate’s top Democrat also criticized Bush’s decision to choose yet another white, male, graduate of prestigious “Ivy League” schools which he said “would leave the Supreme Court looking less like America and more like an old boys’ club.”

Is the son of a first-century immigrant and public school teacher not enough of a “diverse background?” Does this mean that Reid was campaigning for Emilio Garza or Janice Rogers Brown?

Of course not, all his preening over “diversity” and the like is merely a mask for his ideological bias. We would hear the same song, different verse form Reid if President Bush had nominated a conservative hispanic or black woman. Is there anyone out there who doubts this?