While our co-blogger, Daddypundit, has been selected as a co-blogger at Stones Cry Out and had a quote featured in the latest printing of Total Truth, danielg and I have blogged here in relative obscurity.

That may be changing on my end (danielg, you’re next).

I entered a blogging contest at the World Magazine Blog and somehow I have advanced to the semi-finals.

They will be giving me further instructs on what comes next. I am excited about this possibility to expand the influence God has given me here at Two or Three and at Wardrobe Door.

First off, I ask for your prayers as I await what comes next. Secondly, if it comes down to some type of vote…stuff the box like crazy! (Just kidding, only slightly.)

This would be an amazing opportunity if this is God’s will for my life, if not, then I will continue to enjoy my “relative obscurity” here.