Gayteens Time Magazine: The Battle With the Facts Over Gay Teens in America
The ubiquitous Stacy Harp has a decent rebuttal to the recent Time magazine cover story The Battle Over Gay Teens, alleging obvious media bias and failure to label its sources as liberal, as well as failure to include any data from the other side of the battle.  She concludes:

Time magazine has failed miserably with this week’s cover story. The bias and support of child-adult sex is unacceptable, the denial of the facts from a conservative viewpoint is unacceptable and the denial and dismissal of the possibility of successful ex-gays is unacceptable. John Cloud, try again.

Also, Stepen Bennet has something to say about the article.

Bennett has asked Time to run a story on former homosexuals. He says he has asked the same thing of the Oprah Winfrey Show numerous times in the wake of its repeated promotions of teenage homosexuality.

Study on Sexual Reorientation Therapy Deflates ‘Coercion’ Accusations

Dr. Throckmorton continues publishing on reorientation therapy, with a PDF pre-publication of his upcoming research article in the Winter 2005 issue of the Journal of Psychology and Christianity:

Participants preferred counselors who were knowledgeable about gay and lesbian issues, did not overfocus on sexual orientation, helped affirm an ex-gay identity, helped clients examine their development for possible reasons relating to the emergence of same sex attractions,
reframed the meaning of the emergence of same sex attractions for identity, and suggested techniques to minimize same sex attractions and enhance opposite sex attractions. They did not judge as helpful counselors who attempted to affirm a gay identity. This is the first study designed to examine the helpfulness of particular therapist practices with clients seeking sexual reorientation.