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Is there any weather phenomenon that liberals will not blame on global warming?

If it gets warmer, then man induced global warming caused it. If we have more hurricanes, global warming. If we have more rain, global warming. If we have more ice…global warming?

A recent study of Greenland’s ice cap is growing close to two inches a year, despite all the predictions of melting glaciers set to flood the world.

But only uneducated, oil lobbyist would assume that growing glaciers would contradict global warming theories. Nope, global warming causes glaciers to grow.

However, they said that the thickening seemed consistent with theories of global warming, blamed by most experts on a build-up of heat-trapping gases from burning fossil fuels in power plants, factories and cars.

In a 15 paragraph story about ice caps thickening, the Reuters story spends three paragraphs talking about the actual news story and 12 paragraphs talking about global warming and the catastrophic effects it will bring.