Not according to Peter Schweizer and his new book Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy.

In an interview with Kathryn Lopez of National Review, Schweizer outlines some of the more outrageous examples.

• Nancy Pelosi accepts awards from unions and is a champion of union rights in Congress, but she uses non-union workers in her vineyard, hotel and restaurant chain.

• While Barbra Streisand lectures the nation on our need to do without, she has an annual water bill of $22,000 in order to keep her lawn green.

• Bill and Hillary Clinton tell the public that they pay the maximum amount on their taxes because it is the right thing to do, while they find large tax shelters and take some questionable deductions such as $4 per pair of used underwear donated to charities.

• Liberal icon Noam Chomsky rages against the military, capitalism, “tax gimmicks” and “tax shelters,” but sees no hyprocrisy in his making millions off of Pentagon contracts and the tax shelter he set up for himself.

• Al Franken (does anyone really care about him anymore?) consistently attacks conservatives as racists, while possessing an abysmal record of hiring minorities. Less than one percent of his employees have been black.

• Ralph Nader, again a champion of union workers, fired some of his employees for trying to form a union.

• Gloria Steinem never seems to be in favor of other women marrying, yet she recently said, “I do.”

• Michael Moore seems to be Schweizer’s favorite subject. Moore has made the claim three times that he did not invest in the stock market because it’s morally wrong. Trouble is, he has a portfolio that includes Boeing, HMO’s and Satan’s very own Halliburton.

He opposes outsourcing, supports unions and affirmative action, yet he has a terrible minority hiring record and he ships post-production film work to Canada to avoid paying union wages.

Schweizer funniest Moore story relates to Moore’s constant charge that Americans are racist and his chastizing people for living in white neighborhoods. The only problem is that Moore lives in a town of 2,500 in Michigan with not one black person, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.