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Aig Answers in Genesis, a Creation Science organization, has a nice article of the recent issue regarding museums training docents how to "deal with Creationists."  Some selected quotes:

But the sad fact is that the guidebook merely repeats a host of faulty arguments, all of which have been exposed in creation literature for years. But the training material does not have the honesty to inform docents about these resources. For example, the Guide‘s resource list includes the National Academy of Sciences’ Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science (1998), but it does not include any creation books, such as Dr. Jonathan Sarfati’s Refuting Evolution, which ably demolished the bad logic of the book.

The woman who is conducting the training sessions for docents is a prominent atheist, Eugenie C. Scott, director of the misnamed National Center for Science Education. Amazingly, the Guide to Museum Docents points to Scotts’ organization as the sole online resource.

This obscurantism will not be the case with the Creation Museum, now under construction in the USA. We will show guests both sides of the story, teaching all about science, theories, models and axioms (see First things first), and then we will let our guests make an informed choice about which authority they will choose to start from….