I suppose I should make some comment on Bill Bennet’s remarks.

I’ve just been waiting on someone else to respond correctly without jumping to defend or attack a conservative, depending on your already establish position.

In my opinion, very few people have gotten this situation and the aftermath right.

I don’t think that anyone should "defend" what Bennett said. It was a very poor choice of words that offended a great deal of people. He should at least apologize for the offense and explain that his remarks were in no way intended to offend anyone.

It is idiotic in this day and age to bring up something such as the abortion of every black baby in our nation. There are numerous other, better ways in which Bennett could have illustrated his point.

Having said all that, why do the words of Bill Bennett matter more than the policies of others? Millions of black (white, hispanic, etc.) babies are destroyed every year through abortion. If abortion is not a morally wrong choice, then why is it wrong to speak of it? If it is simply a mother’s choice about her own body, then why the outrage?

Many are also taking this opportunity to refocus on Bennett’s gambling problem. Those attacks are a poor excuse for political discussion. They have nothing at all to do with the current debate over his comments. If his statement were related to gambling some way, then it would be of interest to bring it up. It is odd that the left who implores everyone to ignore Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy’s past mistakes, seek to dredge back up Bennett’s.

Also, the truth of his statement should be evaluted. Because of the higher percentage of single parent and low income homes in the black community, their crime rates are higher. Bennett never said, "Black people committ more crimes because they are black." The socio-economic and cultural reasons should be inferred as part of Bennett’s statement.

He is obviously not advocating the "solution" that he proposed, because he is morally against abortion. (Not to mention the fact that he called it "impossibly ridiculous and morally reprehensible.") So all we are left with is the basic statement that the crime rate is higher in the black communities. Again, can that position be argued? Not that the rate is higher because they are black, but that it is demonstrably higher among black people for a host of reasons, none of which being their skin color.

Bennett’s words just be judged as just that – words. The debate on their worthiness can and should be had. We can debate any other meaning they may have, but the fact remains that he does not see the elimination of scores of children (black and otherwise) as a good thing. This sets him apart from many of his attackers.