“War criminal?” Why should that be news, Cindy Sheehan called President Bush the world’s biggest terrorist. The reason this is news, is because the president she is talking about is Bill Clinton.

I wonder what the left is going to do with this one. They have all but sainted her and said that any attack on her was unfair because she lost her son in the Iraq war, in case you didn’t know.

Most liberals will simply ignore this “mis-statement” by Sheehan and continue to quote her attacks on Bush and Republicans.

But this illustrates that it is not just the Republicans that have a potential rift within the party. The Democrats are going to have to decide what to do with the fringe: obey or ignore.

If they obey and go for blood and a far left agenda, they will alienate a vast majority of the nation and insure themselves the minority position for generations. But if they ignore, they risk angering their base that turns out the vote consistently.

I can’t say that I envy them, but I can’t say I pity them either.