That seems to be the only question on the minds of many liberals across the blogosphere the past few days.

Right now there are three types of liberals and perhaps this tragedy is allowing us to see who deserves our attention and with whom we can have reasoned debates. This may also show us who we should simply ignore because they will do nothing but spout idiocy, while ignoring facts and common sense.

First you have the everyday guy who is more left than right. He doesn’t really like Bush or his policies, but doesn’t quite have the stomach to try to capitalize politically and blame the President for a natural disaster that caused the death of possibly thousands of individuals. Sam and Insulted would go in this category.

Next, you take a huge leap to morons (that is the best I can do) like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who are blaming the environmental policies of the Bush administration for the devastation in the gulf region. Maybe RFK, Jr should read the conservative bastion and big oil propaganda machine- The New York Times:

…the severity of hurricane seasons changes with cycles of temperatures of several decades in the Atlantic Ocean. The recent onslaught “is very much natural,” said William M. Gray, a professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University who issues forecasts for the hurricane season.

But what does a little science have to do with anything when there is the Gospel of Environmentalism to preach? James Glassman showcases more of this type of liberal thought and dismisses all of it, in his spot-on Tech Central Station column.

What is sad, is that RFK, Jr. is not the extreme far left. He is somewhere down the middle. No, we have other Huffington Post bloggers who make Kennedy look like a moderate. What is most ironic is the blogger wrote, “I swore I wasn’t going to get into the politicization of this crisis” but a photo of the President smiling on Tuesday before all of the flooding took place in New Orleans just made me do it.

Where would the far left be without a statement from Mother Sheehan:

George is finished playing golf and telling his fables in San Diego , so he will be heading to Louisiana to see the devastation that his environmental policies and his killing policies have caused. Recovery would be easier and much quicker if almost ½ of the three states involved National Guard were not in Iraq. All of the National Guard’s equipment is in Iraq also. Plus, with the 2 billion dollars a week that the private contractors are siphoning from our treasury, how are we going to pay for helping our own citizens in Louisiana , Mississippi, and Alabama? And, should I dare say “global warming?” and be branded as a “conspiracy theorist” on top of everything else the reich-wingers say about me.

Oh, but that’s not all how about some statements from our friends at the Democratic Underground. How bad could they be? It’s not like they would blame Bush for actually destroying the levees would they?

BTW, does anyone else think it’s suspicious that the levees didn’t break until AFTER the hurricane passed and it was clear the storm surge was not going to swamp the city. It would probably only take a couple of sticks of dynamite to get those things flowing. Seems like someone wanted Bush to have another pile of debris to climb on top of.

The hurricane had passed and the city was safe from catastrophe. Than overnight the levies broke.

Of course that is just one isolated crazy, who doesn’t speak for anyone else at DU.

I HAVE been wondering why Bush looks so perky and happy – like he’s very PLEASED about the hurricane. It seems like more than his usual sociopathic cluenessness. Is there somethiing about the oil infrastructure, the neighborhoods that were destroyed (surely not strongholds of GOP support), the probable availabllity of cheap land now that so much has been destroyed. Or perhaps just that the cost of oil has soared so high?

It is impossible to even dialogue with someone who thinks on this level. Do you want to have a debate on environmental policies? Fine, let’s do that.

I believe that our environmental policies have led to the gas shortage that the South is experiencing right now because we can’t drill on our own land, we have to produce dozens of blends to suit environmental regulations and we cannot build anymore oil refineries because they pollute too much.

I can even fathom the debate on global warming taking place. I believe it is too soon to start laying blame for the scores of people at anyone’s feet, but if you want to discuss global warming while everyone else is running to help hurting people go ahead.

But nowhere in my wildest imagination can I imagine myself blaming (or even thinking) that any president (Republican or Democrat) would seek to kill thousands to possibly increase their political popularity or to make money for their friends in business. It is sickening to see this type of filth being part of political discourse in a time of immense tragedy.

H/T: Conjecturer and Instapundit