Remember a couple weeks ago, when everyone was complaining because gas prices were going up before the gas stations had to refill their tanks. Customers were asking why they couldn’t pay the price the gas station paid when they bought it. Are those same customers asking for the same “deal” now that gas prices are dropping almost daily?

Gas stations, to remain in business, have to charge customers the price that it will cost them to fill up their tanks. They use the money they made off that tank to pay for the next one, allowing customers to continue to buy gas at that station.

When times of high demand and lower supply come, the price is going to shoot up almost over night. People begin to yell of price gouging and unfair business practices.

Those same people seem to have no problem when the price at the pump drops below what the gas station paid for it. Now that the demand has decreased and the supply has regulated, prices are dropping almost every day. Gas stations are not selling the gas for what they bought it for, they are selling it based on what they will pay the next time they fill up which is cheaper now.

If we simply let the market play out it will balance everything out. There will be some tough times with lots of complaining, but there will also be times when the consumers get the benefit and the stations charge less for gass than they bought it for.

I know it’s too much to ask for, but I wish people would remember times like these the next time gas prices go up.