Morgan Spurlock parlayed his successful documentary “Super Size Me” into a FX network television show. But was the whole premise of his movie misleading?

One group of people dubbed McDieters think so and they have proof.

Several people have taken Spurlock’s challenge of eating nothing but McDonald’s food for 90 days and have lost weight.

Merab Morgan, a constrution worker and mother of two, lost 37 pounds. Soso Whaley even made her own documentary “Me and Mickey D” chronicling her journey from 175 to 139 pounds on an all McDonald’s diet.

Morgan said she was motivated by two factors – to lose weight herself and prove a point. She holds the crazy position that people, not restaurants, are responsible for what they eat and one can even eat a fast food only diet and still stay healthy. Morgan contends it is not about what’s on the fast food menu, but the choices that a person makes.

Imagine that, a person responsible for their own actions. What is the world coming to?