It appears that even though the New York Times and reporter Glen Justice denied digging into Judge Roberts adoption records, they were doing just that when they were caught.

Ace links to the Drudge follow-up and the raises the question of having the Blogosphere dig and smear liberal journalists like they do conservatives.

While I am not one for personal attacks, I do think looking into Justice’ past articles could help us to better understand why he was chosen for this mud-slinging piece.

Justice was chosen because he has proven himself to be a loyal liberal reporter. The Times Watch features three of his articles as being examples of the paper’s liberal bias.

After it came out about the adoption story a conservative blogger reminded everyone a little about Justice’s reporting past, including the correction the Times had to run because of a history re-write Justice did for John Kerry.

An article on Thursday about political advertising in the presidential campaign, including a commercial that accused John Kerry of having ”secretly met with the enemy” in Paris in the 1970’s, misidentified the parties with whom Mr. Kerry said he had met at the Vietnam peace talks. (The error was repeated in articles on Friday and Saturday.) The parties were the two Communist delegations — North Vietnam and the Vietcong’s Provisional Revolutionary Government — with whom he discussed the status of war prisoners. He did not say he had met with ”both sides.”

In the middle of the Swift Boat story, the Times and Justice tried to come to the aid of John Kerry and refute a claim by the Swift Boat Veterans that Kerry went to Paris and met with Communist Vietnam representatives. Justice reported the claim was not true and that Kerry had met with people from our side as well as the communists. But it was a verifiable fact that Kerry had only met with the Communists. So, NY Times got called on it and had to correct Justice’s “honest mistake” only after it ran in several other articles and repeated through out the media.

What I think is even more telling is who quotes and uses his articles in their material. The Emerging Democratic Majority (still waiting on that, by the way) features 10 of his stories from the 2004 campaign to show how 2004 was going to be the year we saw the “emerging Democratic majority.”

And just to add a rather large cherry on top of this liberal sundae, guess what Flint, Michigan filmmaker prominently features a Times story on Judge Roberts to which Glen Justice contributed?