Here is a BBC News timeline of the London bombings and the aftermath as of 2:04 (London time).

I would just like to say that our prayers here at Two or Three are with all of those impacted by the horrible terrorist attacks.

This is why we as a nation and all civilized nations of the world should stand together to fight terrorism. There are dozens of issues on which we can disagree, but it should be obvious that terrorism is an evil beyond liberal or conservative.

The murders are elated to kill as many innocent people as they possible can, while attempting to destroy freedom and democracy. It is time for the world to get serious about preventing terrorism and become united on that front.

Again, our deepest sympathies to all who lost someone and our prayers are with the entire city of London and anyone else who may have been impacted.

UPDATE: It appears the death toll has climbed to over 40 with over 300 injured, almost half of those serious. Here is a more recent timeline from CNN.

It was said around the world on 9/11 that we were all Americans. It has already been said in numerous places around the blogosphere, but I want to reiterate that on 7/7 we are all Britons.

UPDATE: The injuries continue to pour in. The death toll is over 40 ond more than 700 are wounded.