Three prominent conservative blogs (, National Review and Powerline) are saying that all signs point to Edith Brown Clement as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Clement seems to be somewhat of an enigma to everyone.

She is a member of the Federalist Society, a group of conservative lawyers and judges and the liberal People for the America Way seem to have issues with her.

But she does not have much of a paper trail, as far as controversial rulings, which leaves many conservatives debating her possible nomination. This is viewed as an assest by some conservatives, eliminating much of the opposition ammunition, and as a problem by others, one word – SOUTER!

It would be nice to avoid such a nasty confirmation battle, but I would rather see a hard fight than end up with another David Souter on the bench.

Since starting this post, the MSM has picked up on the Clement buzz and the speculation is that an announcement could come at any moment.

UPDATE: The AP is reporting that Bush will announce his choice tonight in a televised speech live tonight. It appears Clement will be nominated. Which leads me to think that the Gonzalez bit was calculated to have everyone attack him and his record, while perhaps leaving more clear air for the actual nominee. But, of course, we will not know until Bush presents the nominee to the nation.