When I was younger (high school and college days), I was a huge pro wrestling fan. I watched it on every time I got a chance, went to friends houses to watch the pay-per-views and even read all the gossip on the internet.

I loved the plot twists, the storylines, the crazy moves and stunts. It was pure escapism.

Is it just me, or did yesterday and all the rumors about the the Supreme Court nomination not seem an awful lot like the lead-up to Wrestlemania?

Announcer Jerry Lawler: We still have no idea who will be Stone Cold George W. Bush’s partner in his Texas Tornado Tag match against Triple H Harry Reid and The Big Show Chuck Shumer.

Announcer JR Ross: The rumor mill has been flying all day today. Last week it seemed Alberto Mysterio Gonzalez was the sure thing, but earlier today everyone was sure it Hollywood Edith Clement. Both of those rumors upset many of Bush’s fans.

Lawler: Yeah, they all remember what happened when Bush’s dad, George Terry Funk Bush, Sr. In the last match of his career, he chose Flyin’ David Souter as his partner. Just as Bush, Sr. was going for the pin, Souter wrapped a steel chair around his head, betraying his partner and all the fans.

Ross: Let’s hope his son doesn’t make the same mistake and pick someone on the fence, hoping they stick with him. Maybe he should pick Janice The Rock Rogers Brown or The Heartbreak Kid Priscella Owens. We know they are loyal to Bush and would make great partners.

Lawler: Be quiet JR, here comes Reid and Shumer now with their managers from the People for the American Way, the ACLU, NOW, NAACP and a dozen more. I think they have a few too many managers.

Fans: Boo!

Reid: It really doesn’t matter who Bush picks as his partner because we will destroy them both!

Schumer: Unless he picks someone that we like, they are both going down!

Ross: Up there on the Jumbotron, there’s Bush.

Fans: Yeah!

Bush: Hey fellas, I know y’all are real scared about my partner. I tell you it has been hard work, real hard, deciding who it was going to be. But here is my partner…Ultimo Dragon John Roberts.

Ross: This a big surprise. No one really knows much about the masked Roberts.

Lawler: All of the fans here are in shock. Some are cheering, some are confused, all of them have one thing in the back of their minds – John Roberts pulling off his mask and seeing Flyin’ David Souter under there ready to finish off the son, just like he did the father.

Ross: This will be a fantastic match, but first we have the undercard bout between Karl the Krusher Rove and the Old Grey Lady herself, The Iron Shiek New York Times.