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Ok, I am feeling a little obnoxious this morning, and was egged on by mynym’s list of interesting quotes regarding Islamist terrorists.  My favorite?

In view of these…repeated acts of terror, the incitements against all things Western, Jewish and Christian in who knows how many mosques in Britain and the U.S., the teaching of seditious ideas in radical Islamic schools funded by our ‘friends’ the Saudis, and the refusal of most Muslim communities to assimilate and learn the language, history and practices of their host countries, why do Britain and the United States continue to allow such things to exist within their borders? Unless we are prepared to accept continued terrorist attacks as ‘normal’ because of some sick understanding of tolerance and pluralism, we had better do whatever is necessary to root out these radicals and to forbid any more from entering our countries.

Cal Thomas

Against my better judgement, I am tempted to create a cafepress store with a bunch of obnoxious anti-Islamist T-shirts.  Yeah yeah, I know, blessed are the peacemakers and all.  However, here’s my current list of possible shirts – feel free to add your own uncouth suggestions ;) 
  • Jihad is for cowards (or insert your favorite epithet)
  • Because you desire to kill, you show that your father is not Abraham, but Satan. – Jesus
  • Those who force their women to cover themselves betray their own lack of self-control
  • Jesus said "the greatest among you shall be the servant of all."  What does your prophet say?