Can I break with my conservative brethren again?

We constantly berate liberals for their lack of principles (and rightly so for the most part), but how can we maintain a straight face when we talk about "smaller government" that regulates and investigates video games?!?

F_gta1 I have never played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The only one in the series which I have played was the first one (image to the right). The graphics were horrible and cheesy, so it was a lot more cartoonish than the newer ones.

The newer ones have become more and more mature and basically filth in my opinion. I would never let my sons play any game similar to these. But with that being said, that is precisely my job and the job of parents and guardians everywhere – to know your values and know what entertainment choices violate those values. It is not the job of the already too large federal government to "investigate" video games.

The FTC is looking at whether the game makers advertised and marketed "deceptively." You can answer that question very quickly, FTC. Go to any video game store and look at the label on the game. It was rated M for Mature (meaning only 17 or older can buy it), now it is rated AO (adult only). Not only that on the back of the box it says the game is rated as such because of "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs." If I am halfway involved in my child’s life, I am going to read the warnings on the back of the box and decide if they can have it or not.

Which leads me to irresponsible (if not gold-digging) Granny, who is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto because she bought it for her 14-year old grandson.

The keys in this case for the judge should be: 1) she bought it 2)the grandson is 14. Case dismissed and grandma has to pay the legal fees.

The 85-year-old New Yorker only brought the suit Wednesday after the publicity fire storm erupted. She bought the game in late 2004. So her grandson has been playing a game that involves stealing cars, murdering cops, running drugs and prostitution for over 6 months and all that is fine, but when a hidden sex scene can be unlocked it is time to sue for "unspecified damages on behalf of herself and all consumers nationwide." Of course this is about the children and not trying to get rich quick.

If Hillary Clinton wants to use this issue to ram her way to the middle of the country, fine, let her. But small government Conservatives should not let a video game or anything else steal our principles.

We can’t say on one hand, we must bring back personal responsibility and get the government out of our lives, while saying on the other hand that it is the government’s job to regulate what video games we buy for our children.

Principles – we might want to hold on to these. They may be important down the road.

Hat Tip: World Mag Blog