It’s rare these days that I run across a movie that I can enthusiastically endorse. However, "I Am David" is one of those movies that I consider a must-see film.

The movie is based on Anne Holm’s 1963 novel and chronicles the story of 12 year-old David who escapes from a labor camp in Bulgaria in 1952 and sets out on a mysterious journey to Denmark. David has no idea what he will encounter along the way. In fact, having spent most of his life in the labor camp, he has to learn along the way how to trust other people and discover who he really is at the same time.

Although the movie has outstanding performances from Jim Caviezel and Joan Plowright, it is really Ben Tibber who steals the show with his portrayal of David.

While not appropriate for very young children (due to thematic elements), this is a great film for older children and families. Many of the film’s themes will make for great family discussion.

"I Am David" is a true jewel of a film and one that everyone should make an effort to see.