WristbandsBumper stickers and t-shirts are out – the new group id symbols?  Ribbons and wrist bands.  Seems as though wristbands are the new fashion item among teens, and of course, there’s now some off-color (no pun intended) humor out there too.

I guess the whole red AIDS awareness ribbons really re-started this trend in our generation – although in 1877, the Women’s Temperance Movement employed a white ribbon to show they supported abstinence from alcohol to combat the ills of public drunkeness prevalent in those days, especially in frotier towns.
But now, you can get a ribbon for just about every cause under the sun.  Here’s a smattering of the over 200 causes you can buy ribbons for:
Social Campaigns

There are many Cancer Ribbons, including:


Well, Lance Armstrong created this craze, as far as I can tell.  And everyone is getting on the bandwagon:

US Military Support

Disease Prevention
Anyone know of others I missed?