Everyone should already know about the Newsweek situation. What I find interesting is the after-the-fact spin.

National Review’s TKS always seems to be the place for predictions that are right on the money and it is no different with this story.

Quoting Nick Gillespie of Reason, TKS writes:

He also spots the spin to come in about a day or two:

“Side bets welcome: How long will it take before some sagacious media critic blames the problem on the unhealthy marketplace competition that degrades the journalistic standards once upheld by even classified writers of the days of yore and/or the Internet?”

This is always the case with the MSM. If they ever encounter a problem of their credibility (The calling of Florida in 2000, Rathergate, Exit polls in 2004, Newsweeks current controversy) they either blame it on competition, their competitors in the Blogs or both.

This has nothing to do with the media marketplace. By now they should understand that credibility is much more important than being the first to break a broken story. Isikoff thought he had something on the Bush administration, he had a source, it fit his preconceived ideas about what was happening in Gitmo, so he ran with it, without double checking his facts or getting any other source.

Though I am not sure how, I am sure the blogs are also at fault for this. Whether it is their pressure of non-edited fast breaking stories or the ideology behind them, Newsweek or others in the media will find someone to pawn this off at the feet of the internet.

As much as many in the Blogosphere don’t like to admit it, they don’t want to destroy the MSM as much as be a part of it. They (we) are much like the audio/visual geeks in high school, knowing how wrong the popular jock bullies are, but longing all the more to be a part of the cool kids group.

The media must understand that and know that blogs do not want to “bring down” the legacy media. Blogs simply want to be recognized as part of the media.

But since the MSM stubbornly refuses to respectfully acknowledge the existence of legitimate blog reporting, blogs will take all the more pride is burning down the building.

This latest screw-up and non-retraction retraction, will only add fuel to the raging fire that bloggers have started in the media.

If you won’t invite us into the gym for the prom, we will simply burn down your party and start our own. It’s your choice MSM, unlock the door or keeping handing us matches.