Nobody knows how to do it better than Congressional Republicans, who seem to think they are still in the minority since seven of them Link: brokered a deal to preempt the “nuclear option.”

It literally makes me sick to see the Senate Republicans hand this victory over to the liberal Democrats. I dispise hearing Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. Robert Byrd gloating this morning, but they have every right to because they have more guts and political courage than Republicans could ever dream of.

The Republicans who engineered this deal, including one of my own senators (Lindsey Graham), gave the Democrats basically everything they wanted, while the Democrats gave up almost nothing.

If Republicans would have exercised the Byrd Option, they could approve every one of President Bush’s nominees to the appeals courts and eventually to the Supreme Court. As it stands now, the Democrats have reserved the right to filibuster any nomination under “extraordinary circumstances,” with the Democratic senators having the ability to deem any future situation as being “extraordinary.” At least two of the current nominees are apparently being deemed to be “extraordinary” since they will not recieve support from the “centrists.”

This is not restoring the Republic as Sen. Byrd said or protecting the Constitution as Sen. Reid said, it is establishing a tyrannical minority rule. We didn’t do any better after this deal, we did worse. We went from a 41 vote minority rule to a 14 vote minority rule, where these deal making senators have the power to decide who should be appointed to appeals courts.

Sen. McCain said this morning that these 14 senators would be the ones to decide which nominees make it to the floor for a vote. How is that right? How is that Constitutional?

When all this is said and done, this brings the total of appeals court judges blocked by Senate Democrats to at least seven. Seven – how is that a win for Republicans or conservatives John McCain? Lindsey Graham? Mike DeWine? I know how it is a win for those individuals. Power drunk politicians love being media darlings.

The Republicans as a party gained nothing from this, but several individual Republicans are using this to gain media support and to launch a “maverick” presidential campaign.

None, and I mean none, of the Republicans who went along with this deal did this because of any grand love of the Constitution or the nation. They did this because they love power and they want more of it.

If this plays out and almost all of Bush’s nominees are approved and there is not a repeat performance by the Democrats during a Supreme Court nomination battle, I will apologize and congratulate these senators. But until then, I continue to be amazed at the Republicans innate ability to find every possible way to lose a political battle.